Using a network of trusted suppliers, we offer a full choice of office consumables options – we’re more than just cleaning consumables suppliers! From hand sanitiser to loo roll, we’ll take care of all your consumables or supply them ad hoc. The choice is yours.

The benefits when we supply your consumables

Our clients appreciate the benefits of using us for their consumables:professional office cleaning service

  • Quality products
  • We’re much cheaper than most catalogue companies
  • Reliable next day or even same day delivery
  • Convenient just-in-time consumables management
  • All your consumables or one item
  • All listed clearly on monthly invoice
  • No delivery charges

For clarity and easy analysis, we clearly itemise consumables that we supply on your monthly invoice. We can also help you minimise consumables stocking cost and ensure you don't run out.

How? By monitoring your consumables and using a just-in-time system to replenish them as needed.

Top quality office and cleaning consumables

We don’t skimp on quality. All our consumables are quality products meeting recognised standards for washrooms, kitchens, and general office use. By the way, we’ll always pass bulk-buying discounts to you.

Feel free to source your own consumables with the option to use us on an ad hoc basis if needed. However, our prices are competitive, so it’s worth asking us to quote.

If needed, we’re happy to deliver smaller quantities of items. This can help ease tight storage issues, particularly for bulkier paper goods. It’s all part of the service.

PPE consumables

We also supply full personal protective equipment (PPE), including our powerful new hand gel, FFP2 facemasks and FFP2 visors. See our COVID-19 pages for more information 

Let’s talk about your cleaning and consumables

Words can only say so much about the consumables supply service offered by cleaning companies like ours. The real proof lies in meeting us,reading our clients reviews and seeing the difference we make to the supplying and management of everything from their kitchen towels and cleaning consumables to full PPE.

Let’s talk about your cleaning needs and how consumables supply fits into it. Call 01285 885448 or contact our consumables supply department

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